21 April 2014

Papal Mass for Easter

I attended the Papal Easter Mass in the clergy section, up in the area set up for the sanctuary outside St. Peter's Basilica.  The seats were directly behind the Cardinals, Bishops, and Canons of St. Peter's.  In other words, they were pretty good seats.  As this year Easter coincided in both the West and the East (the East still dates Easter according to the Julian calendar), the Gospel was sung in both Latin and Greek.

It was a perfect Roman spring day.  There was not a cloud in the sky, and an occasional cool breeze that made the day very comfortable.  This was in stark contrast to the noisy rainstorm the night before.  A perfect Easter morning.

After Mass, the Pope immediately removed the liturgical vestments to enter the Popemobile.  He took a short ride through the crowd, and then up to the old Papal apartments to deliver the traditional Urbi et Orbi address.

For even more pictures and video of the Easter Mass, see the Vatican website.

By the way, is it so hard to dress decently for Mass with the Pope?  I mean, am I so old fashioned that I'm the only one who thinks wearing skin-tight blue jeans is inappropriate for a Papal Mass?  Red pants and an untucked blue shirt?  Wearing a baseball cap throughout the Eucharistic prayer?  I mean, even Pope Francis--known for his liturgical simplicity--still wears and alb and chasuble for Mass.  If he can dress up, surely we can.