01 October 2013

America the Beautiful

From Gettysburgh

Over the Summer one of the Dominicans from the Irish Province was in the U.S. for a conference.  He stayed a few extra days in DC, so I decided to show him some of the historical sites around the DC area.  Below are three sets of photos.

The first is from Gettysburg, PA.  We were there a few days after the 150th anniversary of the battle.  So, there were still plenty of people in period costume, and lots and lots of visitors.  It was certainly a very hot day.  I can't imagine being in that heat in woolen uniforms for a three day long battle.

It was a beautiful day in Annapolis they day we went to visit.  Annapolis remains one of my favorite cities to visit--especially on a beautiful summer day.  You get the beauty of the Bay, the history of the old capitol, and the great tradition of the Naval Academy--all in one place!
The Irish friar I travelled with had been to the U.S. before, but never to the South, so he wanted to visited the American South. I figured south Virginia and Mr. Jefferson's university definitely counted. We visited our Dominican community of St. Thomas Aquinas in Charlottesville, the grounds of UVA, and Monticello. It was, unfortunately, a very rainy day, and we were a bit late in getting to Monticello, so we were not able to see terribly much there.