13 February 2013

The Caelian Hill & Circus Maximus

It was a chill but sunny day earlier this week, so I made way way over the Caelian hill, at the south end of the Circus Maximus.  I had hoped to get to the ancient Roman baths of Caracalla, a huge structure built by the Emperor Caracalla in the 3rd century.  Unfortunately, however, I arrived too late and the ruins were closed.  Still I managed to grabbed some nice photos.

Just up the street from the baths is the Circus Maximus, now essentially a long, narrow field.  The shape is due to its primary use, which was a stadium for chariot racing.  There are some ruins at the south end, on which there is sporadic work done.  There is a spot over by the Aventine Hill from which one has a very nice view of the Circus and the ruins along the Palatine Hill. 

Below are some pictures from visiting both: